Anti-car barriers, fencing, security cameras, anti-homeless spikes, and other blunt technologies

But I do think American taste is improving…

Public emptiness becomes a dystopic object of contemplation

Persevere through desires for collectivity, proximity, and intimacy

Architects and urban designers cannot pretend to be innocent, creative workers

The material solutionism available to architects is unable to address some of the key drivers of climate disaster

Constructing a museum is not a politically neutral act

Our task is to convert volumes of space into money

Every day is exactly the same – for the past few months, I’ve been tidying up the groups in a BIM model

The histories of our actions are embedded in the material world

What is at stake is the erasure of an architecture which faithfully mirrors the ambiguities, complexities and struggles of the contemporary urban experience

A pastoral fiction that speaks more to a mutated village life than what is arguably the height of techno-capitalism today

The politics of the industry remain a mystery to most on-lookers

Six months ago the first ever AI-driven residential property acquisition took place

The romanticising images of ruins ignore the political dimensions on the ground

All claims to community are shaky

Architecture is a very strong dimension of this normal violence

Designers are still very solutionist

All I have to do is sit and wait for natural tenant turnover

Architecture is all about people