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UPDATE: since the start of this campaign in December 2018, many people have donated to Failed Architecture, enabling us to continue the project and start paying our contributors a very small fee. On our Donate page, you can see who these people are, how much we’ve raised monthly and what goals we have achieved so far. Our next ambition is to be able to continue our podcast, for which we need your monthly support. Please consider making a donation to sustain Failed Architecture.

Since 2011, Failed Architecture has spurred debate, criticised problematic real estate developments, influenced architectural education and practice, and provided a platform for upcoming and established voices from a diverse range of backgrounds. For our troubles, we’ve received awards, hate mail and shout-outs. Tens of thousands of monthly visitors read our website and almost 100,000 have listened to our podcast since we launched in May.

All of this has been a largely voluntary project. So far, Failed Architecture’s resonance across the world and across disciplines has generated enormous energy. This has kept us going but it’s not sustainable in the long run. In order to maintain our position as an independent platform for architectural criticism and to continue to grow, we’re looking to you – our international, critical and engaged readers and listeners who do not take things for granted. We need your support, not only by following us but by starting to make small monthly donations.

Our first concern is to break even and make sure the website doesn’t cost us (technical and administrative costs). Immediately after that, we want to be able to pay our contributors a small fee for their work, at least within the next couple of months. Then, our ambitions extend to our monthly podcast, compensating our editors for their efforts, commissioning specific research and even intervening in the offline world. For a detailed overview of how we plan to spend the money, please take a look at our Donate page.

Apart from our dear followers, we are specifically calling on architects to support us generously. For all of you who have sold their souls to dubious market parties and hedonistic lifestyles, this is an exciting opportunity to buy off your guilty conscience. Your generosity will enable Failed Architecture to continue to challenge the darker forces at play in the triangle of real estate, politics and architecture.

And for all the rest of you, this is also a perfect occasion to meet your December charity goals, knowing that you can enable Failed Architecture to survive the winter and grow in the years to come. Please, share our call with anyone you think might consider themselves a supporter or friend of Failed Architecture. All donators will be gratefully mentioned on our website.

Space is political, let’s keep up the debate. Make your donation here, now.

Charlie, Chiara, Daphne, Joshua, Mark, Michiel and René