Failed Architecture (FA) reconnects architecture with the real world. Through articles, podcasts, Situations, a Twitch stream and more, we support an international network of writers, editors and critics committed to challenging dominant spatial narratives and exploring alternative realities.

Architecture continues to fail because we are stuck in a world system that puts profit above everything else while reproducing social and political conditions that undermine people’s control over their environment. The (architectural) media should be opposing this state of affairs, but its dependence on the industry it’s supposed to critique means that coverage tends to reduce the design of society to a matter of spectacular images and PR. As a result, the public is left with a shallow representation of what architecture is and what it can be.

With our limited resources, FA attempts to stem the seemingly endless avalanche of nonsense by reaching far beyond the architectural community, combining personal stories with research and reflection, and always remaining committed to the idea that architecture manifests just as much in the realm of culture, identity, personal experience, political struggle, all sorts of complex ecological, social and historical processes, and everything that happens after the buildings been built.

FA’s editors are based in various locations around the world, with clusters in Amsterdam-Rotterdam, New York City, and Bogota. Together, they run FA along horizontal lines and pick three temporary rotating organisers to facilitate operations and represent the organisation publicly. FA is legally constituted as an independent foundation (stichting) based in the Netherlands.

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Failed Architecture would not have been possible without the endless commitment of our teams in Amsterdam/Rotterdam, Beirut, Bogotá, Istanbul and New York, and our contributors from around the world. Failed Architecture is supported financially by the FA supporters (donate now!), and received a design criticism grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL in 2017 and 2019.