Do you have a fresh and compelling perspective on an urban or architectural issue? We welcome contributions from critical minds of different backgrounds. Submissions could be general reflections, case studies, opinion pieces, photographic essays, art and architecture reviews, videos, interviews, and anything else that can help convey our underlying aims. Based on our current income from supporters, we pay €150 for every published article.

If you are interested in contributing, please send a pitch of max. 200 words, rather than a completed article. The pitch should contain the main argument of the contribution and give a sense of the overall structure. Where relevant, it could also offer some basic factual information about the subject, and preferably mention an estimated word count and a suggested deadline. On top of this, we would also like to hear about yourself and where (or whether) you’ve written in the past.

The editorial process will invariably be a back-and-forth, with the aim being to make your article as clear and impactful as possible. Since we want our content to be accessible to a wide audience, we aim for our articles to be around 1500 words and limited in terms of academic vocabulary and references. Contributions should also include several relevant images, of at least 1920px wide. Please note that any pieces that have already appeared elsewhere online will not be accepted nor will we feature any sort of sponsored content.

We are not accepting pitches at the moment. However, If you would like to write a piece on an urgent matter, please get in touch with us. Depending on our capacity, we can accept the pitch. 

To submit or discuss a possible pitch please contact We are looking forward to receiving your ideas.

Past open calls for special series:

The Climate Changed (deadline May 4th 2023)

Cities After Algorithms (deadline: September 2020)

A City of Our Own: Urban Feminism for the 99 % (deadline: November 2019)

Building Workers Unite (deadline: April 2019)