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Since 2011, this has been a largely unpaid, voluntary project fueled by a sense of urgency and driven by hundreds of hours of free labour every month. This is unsustainable.

Scroll down to see what we have already achieved since the start of this campaign, what we’re doing with the money coming in, and why we still need your support.

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Here’s what we intend to do with the money you give us. After meeting the initial needs to keep FA alive, your support can allow us to properly compensate for professional work, increase our output and initiate new projects.

covers the most immediate technical and administrative costs
also makes it possible to reward contributors to the website with a minimal compensation
also gives our team a minimal fee for editorial work and maintaining FA’s online presence, and enables us to call for articles on special series
next goal
also enables the long-term continuation of our monthly podcast
future goal
lets us pay contributors and editors a more appropriate compensation
future goal
enables us to publish two podcast episodes each month
future goal
puts us in a position to commission special FA investigations, artistic work and photographic journalism
future goal
allows us to host occasional offline events, increase our output and pay all our editors and contributors a professional compensation

These generous donators make Failed Architecture happen:

  • Aaron Guthrie
  • Alan M Jones
  • Alice Sweitzer
  • Anastasiya Ponomaryova
  • Anne Marie Boer
  • Antonia Adey
  • Apolline Malevez
  • Arik Day
  • Arna Mackic
  • Autumn Trillium
  • Ben Elliott
  • Carlijn Kingma
  • Catalina Iorga
  • Charity Edwards
  • Christin Hu
  • Christine de Baan
  • Christopher Banks
  • Claartje Rasterhoff
  • Crimson Historians and Urbanists
  • Daryl Mulvihill
  • Dirk Sijmons
  • Dominique Geelen
  • Dorus Stokhof
  • Dubravka Sekulic
  • Ed Taverne
  • Eddie Blake
  • Ellen Rowley
  • Emilio Brandao
  • Eric Lawler
  • Erjen Prins
  • Ethel Morgan
  • Femke Bijlsma
  • Francesca Miazzo
  • Fred Schoorl
  • Gabriel McWhirter
  • Giulia Nardi
  • Gus Van Oppen
  • Guus Beumer
  • Hani Salih
  • Hans Teerds
  • Harry Tuke
  • Hendrik Schlimper
  • Hilary and Mark Clemoes
  • Hind Mezaina
  • Homer Wagenaar
  • Ingel Vaikla
  • Ingrid de Zwarte
  • Jack Clemoes
  • Jake Danby
  • Jan Loerakker
  • Jan Nauta
  • Janno Martens
  • Jennifer Bui
  • Jeroen Lok
  • Jesús Jiménez Hidalgo
  • Jiri van Gijsel
  • Joanna Enslow
  • Joep Koenders
  • Johanna Brandt
  • Joram Raaijmakers
  • Joseph Clemoes
  • Juhee Hahm
  • Julius Grambow
  • Julius Jääskeläinen
  • Jur Oster
  • Karolína Vránková
  • Kate Ridgway
  • Koen Bolhuis
  • Lada Hrsak
  • Lorna Gibson
  • Louise Celestin
  • Loïc Lecrenier
  • Luigi Mandraccio
  • Luis Guillermo Verjan
  • Luther Blisset
  • Maaike Poppegaai
  • Macha Roesink
  • Maria Van de Poel
  • Mariana Martinez
  • Marisa Cortright
  • Maryam Zainal
  • Michel Prins
  • Midas van Boekel
  • Mike Emmerik
  • Nanne de Ru
  • Niels Diepstraten
  • Nora Akawi
  • Ole Bouman
  • Onur Can Tepe
  • Paula V. Álvarez
  • Peter Jensen
  • Petra Brouwer
  • Philip Bussey
  • Pim Boer
  • Ramon Scharff
  • Ricardo Martini
  • Rik Lambers
  • Roozbeh Elias-Azar
  • Samuel Jessop
  • Sandra Guarda
  • Sara giannini
  • Sarah Murphy
  • Sarah Van Der Giesen
  • Sereh Mandias
  • Shumi Bose
  • Siddartha Rodrigo Clúa
  • Sjoerd ter Borg
  • Stijn Kemper
  • Suha Hasan
  • Tamar Shafrir
  • Tara Kennedy
  • Tee Aungkasuwapala
  • Teun van den Ende
  • Thaddeus Root
  • Thai Nguyen
  • Thijs van Spaandonk
  • Thomas Smits
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  • Tim Peeters
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  • Vincent Kompier
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  • Yezhou Joseph Wang