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Stateless Heritage Everywhere is a one-day online workshop hosted by Failed Architecture and The Mosaic Rooms (London), organized in the context of the current exhibition of Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency (Beit Sahour, Palestine) in The Mosaic Rooms called Stateless Heritage. The workshop is part of The Living Room (Al-Madafeh) event series and will take DAAR’s important and critical perspectives on “heritage” as a starting point. The aim is to create an open space to reflect on these perspectives and to discuss their application in different contexts.

Echoing DAAR’s critique on how heritage is often mobilised (if not weaponised) as part of nationalist discourse, Failed Architecture invites workshop participants to collectively come to an understanding of how current conceptualisations of heritage and their real-world application invisibilises people, spaces, buildings, stories and struggles. Departing from these conversations, participants will probe new tactics and strategies for appropriating the fenced-off notion of heritage in a series of specific cases.

The workshop takes place on October 30 from 2pm-6pm GMT and is led by Failed Architecture’s Dirim Dinçer and René Boer. Participation is free but please RSVP on the website of The Mosaic Rooms as the number of places is limited.

FA Workshop: Stateless Heritage Everywhere

Vluchtkerk, Amsterdam