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FA Situation #6 will take place in the Lutkemeer, a small polder at the fringes of Amsterdam-West and one of the last remaining open landscapes between the city and the airport. For many years, Lutkemeer has been home to an organic farm which not only grows sustainable and healthy food for nearby neighbourhoods but also provides a caring place where people with mental health problems can spend the day. Right now, plans are being finalised to build a brand-new Albert Heijn distribution center on top of it all, catering to a growing demand for just-in-time grocery delivery. Almost all the farmland has by now been expropriated, and part of it is currently being prepared for construction.

During this Situation, we will collectively walk across the fields of Lutkemeer and familiarise ourselves with this historical land reclamation, its still existing biodiversity and the struggle to protect it against the ongoing “boxification” of Amsterdam’s surroundings. Through collective reading participants will also get a clear understanding of the corruption, intimidation and power games at play, but also of potential alternatives for the area’s future. During the walk, there will be time to listen, to be present and, most importantly, collectively witness the current state of a landscape threatened with unrelentless urban expansion.

FA Situation #6 will take place on Sunday, October 10 at 4 pm. If you would like to join, please fill in this form. You will receive all the practical information and the exact location one day before the event.