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Alexandra Lange has been writing about architecture and design for over two decades. Her articles span a wide range of subjects, from building reviews and calls for preservation to furniture, fashion, and women in architecture. After writing for such media outlets as Metropolis, Dezeen, The New York Times, Places Journal, Architect Magazine and The New Yorker, she published the book Writing About Architecture: Mastering the Language of Buildings and Cities in 2012. Currently working as the architecture critic at Curbed, her latest book The Design of Childhood: How the Material World Shapes Independent Kids comes out this month.

In this episode, Alexandra Lange talks to Mark Minkjan about architecture criticism and The Design of Childhood. In the first half of the conversation, they discuss her work as a critic, the problem with architect profiles, writing for the New Yorker and feminist criticism. After that, the second half is about how to design the objects, spaces and cities that help children become independent, sociable and creative.


Alexandra Lange’s articles at The New Yorker
Alexandra Lange’s articles at Curbed
Alexandra Lange on Twitter

1:08 Alexandra Lange – Writing About Architecture
1:24 Alexandra Lange – The Design of Childhood
14:50 The Woman Who Gave the Macintosh a Smile (The New Yorker)
15:45 Support Failed Architecture
16:50 Play Ground: How a Dutch landscape architect is reinventing the park (The New Yorker)
18:25 Daniel Zalewski – Intelligent Design: Can Rem Koolhaas kill the skyscraper? (The New Yorker)
22:00 West 8’s Madrid Rio
25:10 Alexandra Lange – Philip Johnson’s Not Glass Houses (The New York Times T Magazine)
26:15 Alexandra Lange – The End of the Architect Profile (Curbed)
27:41 Ian Parker – Thomas Heatherwick, Architecture’s Showman (The New Yorker)
29:06 Zadie Smith – Deana Lawson’s Kingdom of Restored Glory (The New Yorker)
33:18 Alexandra Lange – What Does a Presidential Building Look Like? (Curbed)
35:20 Alexandra Lange – These are the Best Scissors I Ever Owned (Curbed)
37:55 Martha Scotford – The Tenth Pioneer (Eye)
38:30 Martha Scotford – Cipe Penelis: A Life Of Design
43:45 Dolores Hayden – The Grand Domestic Revolution: A History of Feminist Designs for American Homes, Neighbourhoods and Cities
54:00 Assemble’s Baltic Street Adventure Playground

This episode was directed by Mark Minkjan/the Failed Architecture team.