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Breezeblock #10 acknowledges that land reparations have remained largely unaddressed by the architecture profession, despite the glaring adjacency of building, landscape, and planning to land and the colonial concept of property. What do land reparations really mean for the many communities who have been harmed in different ways by white supremacy?

Having connected through recent movements on work seed distribution and community gardens in the midst of the BLM protests, kuwa jasiri and FA’s Christin HU share recent personal experiences and current work, as well as thoughts on the unanimous city council vote in Asheville, North Carolina (US).


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A note on the graphic: This week’s Breezeblock graphic draws from the Adinkra symbols, compiled and translated by a myriad of folx, including Aaron Mobley, Charles Korankye, and Adolph H. Agbo. These symbols are used in textiles and Asante architecture in West Africa. The central one shown is known as Mpatapo, the “knot of reconciliation,” which shows we are all tied together in peace and harmony after conflict.