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Donate to stream Spaces of Exception

Besieged: Home is the first chapter in our special series on the spatial politics of settler colonialism in Palestine, which features films to raise funds for aid groups in Gaza and Cairo. Between now and midnight ET Sunday July 21st, you can stream Matt Peterson and Malek Rasamny’s documentary film Spaces of Exception. We suggest a 5€ donation to access the stream using the link above, but you’re free to choose any amount, with all proceeds going to Ele Elna Elak (“What we own, you own,”) a group of volunteers distributing food and other basic necessities throughout the Gaza Strip.

As part of Peterson and Rasamny’s ongoing project The Native and the Refugee, this documentary examines life in Palestine refugee camps in the West Bank and Lebanon and in Native American reservations across the US. The film is narrated entirely by the residents of the camps and reservations, immersing us in their homes and neighborhoods. As we see in the film, these spaces serve as vital cradles of resistance against the ongoing settler regimes of genocide, displacement, and occupation.