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Comprising four chapters, this series aims to explore how the architecture, infrastructure, and spatial regime of Israel’s occupation constrains various dimensions of daily life for Palestinians. Each chapter contains a film and an accompanying text or conversation. All proceeds from the film screenings will go directly to aid groups in Gaza and those in Cairo working with refugees from Gaza, chosen in consultation with our contributors.

Films will each be available on our site for a limited time, announced on our social media and in our newsletter.

NOW STREAMING: Spaces of Exception, until midnight ET July 21st, with proceeds benefitting Ele Elna Elak.



Spaces of Exception
Matt Peterson and Malek Rasamny
Film, 2018, 90 minutes
On-demand online screening on
5€ suggested donation*
11AM ET Thursday, July 11 – Midnight ET Sunday July 21

Camp-Space: the Exceptional Duality of the Palestine Refugee Camp
Samar Maqusi
Text and animated short

*All proceeds will go to Ele Elna Elak (“What we own, you own”), a group of volunteers distributing food and other basic necessities throughout the Gaza Strip.



Jumana Manna
Film, 2022, 64 minutes
Online screening on

Conversation on enclosure
Details TBA



Ghost Hunting
Raed Andoni
Film, 2017, 94 minutes
In-person screening in Los Angeles (tickets here)
Tuesday, August 13 at 8pm
2220 Arts + Archives
co-presented with Mezzanine

Conversation between Nasreen Abd Elal and Raed Andoni (forthcoming)



Drying up Palestine
Peter Snowdon & Rima Essa
Film, 2007, 30 minutes

Conversation on water infrastructure
Details TBA