Besieged: Home, Land, Time, Water

Besieged: Home, Land, Time, Water

Failed Architecture announces a special series on the spatial politics of settler colonialism in Palestine to raise funds for Gaza.

Film Screening: Ghost Hunting by Raed Andoni (Los Angeles)



Film Screening: Spaces of Exception by Matt Peterson and Malek Rasamny


Continued creation through destruction…

Camp-space: The exceptional duality of the Palestine refugee camp

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Besieged: Home, Land, Time, Water

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The Petrocracy Underfoot

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Buildings Born Ruins: Philosophy and Architecture After the Apocalypse

Cover Option B – Ruins_of_an_Ancient_City_by_John_Martin,_1810s

The Mole, The Snake, and the Acritarch


Is there a measure of health, or wealth, that is not about this competitive increase, but about a horizontal redistribution?

Enough? Architecture and the Sufficiency Imperative


A Just Transition For The Building Sector w/ Architecture Lobby’s GND Working Group


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Your Home’s Skeleton Wants to Tell You Something

Danute Liva 2

No strangers to the presence of water flowing through the city

As Jakarta Sinks, the Rising Sea Presents a Convenient Scapegoat


What the Struggle Around California’s Hidden Lake Says About the Climate Crisis


Statement on the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

More than a morality tale of environmental hubris

Riding for Deliveroo w/ Callum Cant (pt.2)


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Nuclear Power Created the City of Oak Ridge, But it’s Also Destroying It


Just White Noise

Train Derailment Ohio