Statement on the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

The Human Cost of Concrete

1 – Bekasi

India’s Hindu Right-Wing is Using Heritage to Undermine Muslim Identity

Trads Forget the Past at Their Peril

Doré ‘Over London by Rail’ darker

A Cage by Another Name


Otro nombre para jaula

Lahan Becek: Beyond Terraformation, Towards Wet Lands of Opportunity

IMG_5115_Rifandi Nugroho

Red Light District Under Control

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De Wallen Onder Controle

How Sukarno’s Games of the New Emerging Forces Briefly Modeled a Vision for a Postcolonial World

Upacara Pembukaan Ganefo I

Failed Architecture Introduces Horizontal Structure, Announces Its Three New Organisers


El Vacío de los Héroes



Stories on Earth: Challenging the Human/Non-Human Dichotomy



FA Workshop: Amsterdam’s Felix Meritis

Changing Times, Changing Designs: Council Offices Then and Now


FA#12: Former Dutch Ministry of the Interior

Ministries upon completion

FA Workshop: Rapla and Tallinn

kek66 copy

FA#11: A Brutal(ist) Assault on Amsterdam’s Inner City?

Damrak 70 before redevelopment

A City Formerly Known as Sadness – Tin Shui Wai

FA Workshop: Re-imagining Campanhã, Porto


Failed Architecture #05: Riots and Architecture


Failed Architecture #04: Copenhagen’s Domus Vista

Failed Architecture #03: Failure as a Matter of Politics

Failed Architecture #02: Taste and Modernist Architecture